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Smart Data Analysis Systems Group (SDAS Group) is supported by experts and young researchers from several academic institutions from different countries.

SDAS Group is envisioned as an independent, non-profit institution that serves its members' home universities in a cross-disciplinary way, promoting formative research on artificial intelligence and data analytics (fostering not only individual but collective growth, and from which contemporary academic communities -especially from developing countries- can truly be benefitted from).

The philosophy of our group consists in doing research with full freedom and motivated by nothing but true passion and, above all, keeping principles that encourage a pleasant, active and productive environment (fundamentally, principles of cordiality, loyalty, cooperation, mutual respect, commitment, gratitude and honesty).

We develop software- and intelligent-systems-driven solutions for data-analysis-related problems of industry, medicine and education fields. By vocation, all our R&D processes have a strong and genuine commitment to the synergistic, ethical and interactive integration of human thinking and artificial intelligence.

We also offer specialized services at a technical consulting and deployment level in a wide range of data analysis related topics covered by our research programs.

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